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Financial Wellness

Many employers ask, “How do we get our employees to recognize the importance of saving in their 401k plan?” There are many things to understand about each unique workforce to be able to answer that question effectively. The RFM philosophy begins with helping employees understand how to handle day to day financial stress that they may be dealing with. Then and only then, will employees begin to see the importance of saving.

Even better yet, this is when they are excited to take control of participating in their future Financial Security! The RFM process to help employers implement a custom financial wellness program is described by the following:


Step 1: Assessment and Goal Setting

  • Assess current plan health
  • Review current employee engagement
  • Review current investment detail
  • Implement process to meet company goals

Step 2: Employee Interaction

  • Address employee financial stress
  • Review current plan elections
  • Educate on overall benefit
  • Implement positive plan changes