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Problems we solve

RFM provides a direct path to retirement plan success by solving a variety of concerns, so your retirement plan becomes a more valuable employee benefit.  

Problems We solve

RFM provides a direct path to retirement plan success by solving a variety of concerns, so your retirement plan becomes a more valuable employee benefit.  

For more than 22 years, Retirement Fund Management (RFM) has been partnering with employers and their employees to map out a direct path to retirement as a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. This kind of longevity provides us with the experience to fully understand the common—and, the not-so-common—concerns that plans sponsors and employees face when planning for retirement.

Questions we answer

As an independent 401k specialist and plan fiduciary working for you, we can answer the questions that plan sponsors often have about their company’s retirement plan benefits. Here are just some of the concerns we address every day.

Financial Wellness?

What is financial wellness, and is that something we must offer?

Investment Selection

How do our employees know if they are doing enough or picking the right investments?

Plan competitiveness

How do we know if we are offering a competitive benefit?

Plan Standards

Is our plan up to date with current industry standards?


How do we know if the fees tied to our retirement plan are reasonable?

Fiduciary Liability

What is Fiduciary Liability? Do we need to be concerned?


What is our liability when offering a retirement plan benefit to our employees?

Target Date Fund

What is the best Target Date Fund for our employees?

Cybersecurity policies

Is our retirement plan covered by our cybersecurity policies in place?

Investment mix

How do we know if our investments are best for our employees?

Comparing advisors

How do we measure the success of our current advisor?

Your Question Here

What question can we answer for you?

What can you expect from RFM?

As advisors, we often get carried away discussing the topics we are passionate about. At the end of the day, it’s important that you and your organization know what to expect when you partner with RFM.

employee Education

  • Maximize usage of tools
  • Expert financial coaching
  • Focus on financial wellness and retirement readiness

Plan Health

  • Maximize plan design
  • Improve employee retirement readiness
  • Establish plan health goals

Investment Process

  • Investment research not outsourced
  • Compare apples to apples
  • Apply the “know better rule” when needed
  • Target date innovation

Fiduciary Best practices

  • Act as co-fiduciary
  • Be a committee steward
  • Be your expert advocate
  • Document process and minutes

Is your retirement plan OPTIMIZED?

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The journey begins when the employee elects to plant the seed by contributing to a retirement plan. We provide financial wellness education and encourage employees to actively participate in their retirement benefit.



The journey continues with the employer "watering the seed" planted by the employee’s contribution. We help employers optimize the plan by delivering the latest innovations in plan design.



Now, it's RFM's job to "fertilize" what the employee and employer have already done to improve each employee's financial security. Our research supports that 35-45 percent of an employee's nest egg is derived from making smart investment decisions.



The entire journey is intended to culminate in "financial security" as illustrated by a healthy and strong oak tree. We approach the goal of financial security by helping employees manage their financial lives throughout the entire process.