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Some might ask who we are, we think the better question is what is retirement fund management? 


Some might ask who we are, we think the better question is what is retirement fund management? 

Retirement Fund Management (RFM) is an Atlanta, GA-based Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. We offer retirement plan advisory services to organizations throughout the Southeast, serving employees and employers on a fee-only basis. The companies we serve focus on employee financial health representing a broad range of industries and sizes.

The plans we service include 401(k), Defined Benefit Pensions, 403(b) and other Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement plans. We deliver expertise guided by the goal of readying employees for enjoyable retirement years. Our commitment is to be objective, unbiased and free from any conflicts of interest.


Mark McCoy, RFM’s Founder and President, observed that the industry and the advisement of retirement plans was evolving after serving for many years in various bank institutional trust departments. He believed several issues would soon be important factors of how a prudently designed and operated plan would be managed. These beliefs were foundational when RFM opened its doors in 1996 and continue to be at the core of what guides our firm today.

Together, Mark and the RFM team continue to strive for innovation with the investment process, in addition to promoting financial wellness and plan health measures to achieve financial security for employers and employees.

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RFM’s Guiding Principles


Fiduciary Standard

Advisors must acknowledge a Fiduciary Standard relating to the plan, employees and employer

Enhancing retirement OUTCOMES

Most importantly, our desire is to enhance the retirement outcomes for the employees and guide them to a dignified and comfortable retirement.

Open Architecture Investment

Open Architecture Investment platforms should be utilized and focused on a employee’s best interest

fee-only compensation

Plans should be based on a fee only compensation method, no hidden fees or indirect compensation

No Conflicts of Interest

Plans deserve advice that is free of Conflicts of Interest

Commitment to plan participants

Benefit plans that most benefit employees, not the providers or advisors

RFM’S History at-a-glance

Year One

RFM opened its doors and began developing a proprietary investment research process and client service model.

Two years later

RFM began serving clients as one of the first fee-only advisors specializing in corporate retirement plans and still operates that way today.

FAst Forward TEN Years

RFM innovated how target date funds are evaluated by creating multiple asset classes.

Jump Ahead nine years

What we call “RFM 2.0” was launched. We introduced new innovations in financial wellness and investment research programs.

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Mark McCoy, MBA, AIFA®

Founder and President